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Weddings and Special Occasions

Create a memorable event with unique s'mores and hot cocoa bars

Savvy brides, grooms, caterers, and wedding and event planners with a sense of fun and whimsy are creating delicious gourmet s'mores tables for receptions all over the country.  Adults and children alike love this twist on a dessert table.  S'mores bars can be elegant, simple, colorful, interactive, and are always engaging.  With a choice of flavors from Plush Puffs Hand Crafted Marshmallows, guests can get as creative as they'd like and cater to individual tastes.

Call our s'mores table experts at 818-784-2931 or check out all our flavors in our 

We can help you with the correct number of flavor choices and amounts to order for your guests.  We can also help you figure out what kinds of and how many graham crackers, cookies, chocolates, etc. to have on your table for maximum yumminess.

Our top selling flavors for Smores Bars are Caramel Swirl, Toasty Coconut, Vanilla Bean, Mochaccino, Sydney’s Cinnamon, and definitely Chocolate Chipetta.

Coffee service at formal dinners and receptions can be elevated to a gourmet experience, and can include more than just coffee, tea, and espresso drinks.


Adding Plush Puffs Hand Crafted marshmallows to any hot beverage will wow guests and attendees. Offering hot chocolate (or rich and creamy drinking chocolates) topped with flavored marshmallows adds another decaffeinated choice, as well as a creative amusement at the end of a meal.  

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