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Plush Puffs Toasting Bar & Take Away

Visit Our Flagship Burbank Shop! NOW OPEN!!

Los Angeles's first marshmallow confection store. 

Design a s'more, grab an espresso or hot or iced cocoa, try a marshmallow-y treat, buy marshmallows by the package or by the pound!

Plush Puffs Toasting Bar & Takeaway
3811 W. Magnolia Blvd
Burbank, CA 91505
Street Parking or at the lots at Kenwood on either side of Magnolia
Regular Hours: Tuesday - Friday 10am-8pm; 
Saturday 11am-8pm; Sunday 12n-7pm; Monday Closed


* S’mores, Your Way 


Up to Three Plush Puffs Marshmallows

 House Made Grahams

(Traditional, Chocolate, Gluten Free)

 Up to Two Chocolates or Drizzles

(Dark, Milk, White, Salted Caramel, Spicy Honey, Peanut Butter)

Up to Four Toppings

(Almonds, Toffee Bits, Sprinkles, Pretzels, Choc Chips, Toasted Coconut,

Cocoa Nibs, Graham Crumbs) 

*S’mores Bowls 

Puff Crispy Bowls

Same amount of fun, just less mess

Same choices as above

* Three On A Twig 

Pick Three Plush Puffs Marshmallows and We’ll Toast ‘Em’ Up

 * Plush Puff Haute Smores 


Caramel Swirl PP, Salted Caramel, Traditional HM Grahams, Toasted Pecans



Sydney’s Cinnamon PP, Milk Chocolate, Chocolate HM Grahams, 

Pinch of Cayenne


Happy Birthday

Birthday Cake PP, White Chocolate, Traditional HM Grahams, Sprinkles


The Mound

Toasty Coconut PP, Salted Caramel, Chocolate HM Grahams, Toasted Almonds

Smores Plate Special

* Breakfast Toast

Marilyn’s Irish Soda Bread

Local Whole Grain

Olive Oil Quick Bread 

Slathered with local organic butter, Daisy May’s Almond Butter or Laura Ann’s Jam 

* Cognoscenti Coffee  

* Our 4 Favorite Cocoas

Plush Puffs, Amara, Eclipse, Chocolata

Topped with your choice of Plush Puffs Marshmallow

 *Art of Tea

Spring Mint, Lemon Ginger, Moroccan Green, Earl Grey Creme

Topped with your choice of Plush Puffs Marshmallow

 *Plush Puffs Take Away 


Plush Puffs Mug Toppers, Ice Cream, Graham Crumbs, Chocolate

Weekly Flavors / Grab from our freezer 


Puff Crispies

Classic, Birthday Party, Lemon Meringue 


Plush Bars

Caramel/Vanilla Bean/Dark Chocolate,Pearls

Caramel/Caramel Swirl/Milk Chocolate, Sea Salt

Caramel/Sydney’s Cinnamon/White Chocolate, Cinnamon Graham Crumbs

* House Baked

Cowboy Cookies

Vegan Chocolate Cookies

* Plush Puffs x the Lb. & 1/2 Lb.

NOTE: Menu is in chalk, not ink! :-)