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Our Story



The Plush Puffs Story

Once upon a time (Halloween time that is) a young boy asked “hey Mom, let’s make pumpkin marshmallows today”. Mom said, “hmmm, that sounds interesting, let’s give it a go!”. Well, that Mom called another Mom (who both coincidentally already worked as chefs together) and they went to it. After many painstaking hours in the test kitchen and many “almost batches”, Plush Puffs were born! Much to our delight, a whole bunch of other flavors turned out beautifully, and finally a special flavor we added last fall Pumpkin Praline! From the first hit, Toasted Coconut to the Chocolate Chipetta, they have all been a labor of love. In fact, it is still hard to resist more than one taste test when the batches are being made.

What Makes Plush Puffs So Special?

We’re devoted to the artisan marshmallow product. And because of this, we have had to be quite creative about the process of getting these made right. Downright innovative sometimes. But nobody cares about the process behind the scenes, because what makes our marshmallows so special is how they taste. Even after all these years of making marshmallows, we still love to eat Plush Puffs ourselves and share them with our friends and family because we think they just taste so darn good. We've tried all the other marshmallows out there - and there are some good ones. But we consistently come away feeling confident that ours are best gourmet marshmallow product. available. We think you'll agree.

Our Vision

To offer the highest quality, all natural, deliciously flavored marshmallows ever. This is a marshmallow that is not only good enough to eat on its own, but amazing when melted in hot drinks, used in any number of recipes and/or roasting applications. Each flavor is actually intensified when it is roasted. Quite simply: we want to provide a treat that delights the senses.


Ann Hickey-Williams

It would be remiss to omit the challenges of being a one-woman show in the bio. As many may relate, this is a second career path, as the first (many years as a health educator at the University of Southern California) was abbreviated by the birth of a second child. Transitioning from the world of Public Health to Marshmallows wasn’t exactly a straight line, however. I spent a good chunk working as a personal chef and caterer specializing in healthy gourmet. In fact, the brand Plush Puffs exists under the corporate name of To Your Heart’s Content. Looking back, many decisions, risks and connections have all contributed to my current life’s work. From working through both a master’s degree and culinary school to taking an even bigger risk and sticking out my neck to stand behind a dream. Doing so and experiencing the support of so many people (many of whom I’ve had no long term relations) has solidified what I know to be true: “suit up, show up, work from your heart and “IT” will happen”.

And so in my daily quests, a lot of people express to me, perhaps with my welfare in mind, “YOU MUST BE NUTS?” I always nod and agree- maybe with a twitch or two for effect – and explain “It may take a village to raise a child, but it takes a village idiot to do that and start a company” . As you can tell, another one of my philosophies is: no humor, no business.

But the insanity is really about the passion; the passion for a unique product, passion for running a sound business, passion for the future of my family as both a business owner and a role model. In addition to the “certifiable” leader, there have been a small army of committed friends and family that have not only supported the business, but have eaten so many sample marshmallows that, well let's just say they’re not exactly dying for more. Through all of the ups and downs and high and lows, it has always come down to the same question: “How do we get the world to try these marshmallows?” That is our mission.

The People of Plush Puffs

It cannot be said enough that Plush Puffs would not be what it is today without the people who helped along the way as well as everyday now. Many of the production and office staff have been with the company for years, and it truly means a lot that they are part of the PP team. Here are some of the friendly faces of the family here at Plush Puffs.



Ann & Ryan being goofy

Ann & Ryan being goofy

Barb & Luis




Marina & Josephina


Raul, Oscar, & Hilgaldo